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Toyota Executive Delivery Enrollment

Toyota Motor Sales Fleet Department offers all the Toyota Dealers the opportunity to participate in the Toyota Fleet Program. The Toyota Fleet program offers product availability to dealers who have qualified fleet customers. In addition to the ability to sell additional product, dealers participate in the Toyota Executive/ Courtesy Delivery (TED) program for commercial, government and livery sales.

Toyota Fleet Dealer Advantages:

  1. Fleet.Toyota.com (FTC) will publish and distribute a National "Toyota Executive Delivery" Dealer Listing
  2. Toyota.com will provide customers ability to search by Fleet TED dealers
  3. The Toyota Fleet dealer can choose to participate in any current and future fleet sales programs; current programs include Commercial, Government, Livery, Corp Rent-a-Car and Licensee Rent-a-Car.

Toyota Fleet Process Summary:

  1. Please refer to the Toyota Fleet Policy and Procedure for a full explanation of all program policies and procedures.
  2. Toyota Dealers can submit orders for fleet production in those cases where the fleet customer meets Toyota's definition of a qualified fleet customer. This definition may vary by program, but generally includes the following requirements:
    1. The Fleet customer is not an automobile dealer or broker.
    2. The Fleet customer does not purchase vehicles primarily for resale.
    3. The Fleet customer meets the minimum Units in Operation (UIO) and program requirements to be eligible for the applicable Toyota Fleet program per the Toyota Fleet Policy and Procedure manual.
    4. The Fleet customer intends to utilize the vehicle within the continental US/Alaska primarily in support of the company's business and not for personal use.

Toyota Fleet Dealer Expectations:

  1. The Toyota Fleet dealer fully understands that Dealer is solely responsible for compliance with the terms of any agreement between the Dealer and a Fleet Account. Toyota Fleet Dealer fully understands that Toyota will not be responsible for the Toyota dealer's inability to meet any contractual commitment to its Fleet Account for any reason and that it is dealer's sole responsibility to collect payments from its Fleet Accounts.
  2. To participate as a Toyota Fleet dealer, the Dealer must agree to:
    1. Perform executive/courtesy delivery of commercial, livery and government vehicles as outlined below:
      1. Check-in and inspection of vehicle for damage. (Repair if necessary)
      2. Provide title and license service (excluding Colarado and Mississippi).
      3. Clean and wash Fleet vehicles prior to delivery.
      4. Install a full tank of fuel in the vehicle prior to delivery.
      5. Provide a rewarding delivery experience to the drivers of a corporate account.
      6. Provide short-term storage for vehicle being replaced.
    2. Appoint a dealership courtesy delivery contact/TED Coordinator to coordinate deliveries
    3. Limit the delivery fee charged to the selling Dealer(s) or lease management company(ies) to an amount no more than $350.00 per vehicle (Dealers may charge any amount less than $350 in an attempt to gain more TED volume) *Change will go into effect on January 1, 2019 for existing TED Dealers.
      1. Exceptions apply in Colorado, Mississippi and /or any other state or county that requires a physical appearance at the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to complete the registration process for courtesy deliveries.
    4. Acknowledge and abide by the guidelines set forth in the Toyota Fleet Policy and Procedures.

By enrolling in this program you are also entitled to be a Toyota fleet selling dealer. In order to be a Toyota fleet selling dealer you must agree to deliver vehicles to commercial fleet customers. Please fill the enrollment form below.